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The Frontier News, May 2015

The Frontier News, Special Edition November 2014 (New)

From the Diocesan Communication Desk

Prayer Requests (NEW)
* Dear Friends and prayer partners in Christ. As you know that operation Zarb e Azab has started in North Wazirstan against the terrorists. Due to this operation  according to UNHCR and Govt. of Pakistan's figures for the first time in the post-World War II era, exceeded 50 million people, which are IDPs moved out of North Wazirstan. There are many Christian IDPs who moved to Bannu a nighbouring city of Wazirstan. Bishop Humphrey S Peters with the diocesan officers and local priest recieved these IDPs and accomdated them in our Hopital and school. Please pray for their security and all the needs.

* Please continue to pray for the injured people of All Saint's Church blast, who are still in the beds and getting medical treatments. Pray for healing for them and also for all their financial needs.

Please pray for Sunday School Minsitry of Peshawar Diocese and all its programs going on in all the major Parishes and sub Parishes of Peshawar Diocese. Pray for all the Teachers Tranings.

Pray for all the Diocesan Schools and its heads and staff.

Pray for all the ongoing projest of Peshawar Diocese.

Pray for Church of Paksitan and its leadership.

Specially pray for IDPs coming from Wazirstan to Bannu, Peshawar and other cities of KPK.

Pray for Bishop Humphrey S. Peters and Revd. Ijaz Gill, Priest Incharage All Saints' Church and all the clergy of Peshawar Diocese.

Prayer request for the Tribal Belt: The Christian Community living in the Tribal Belt needs support and the Priests who share the Good News need your prayers as well. Kindly pray, as it is an extremely important ministry for sharing the Good News of Peace, Consolation, Reconciliation and Healing in the affected Tribal Belt.

Please Pray for;The War on Terror is still going on, kindly pray for those who are determined to eradicate this menace for good.

The Diocesan Relief Work in Pateka, Balakot, Earthquake victims (2005), and for the Flood victims (2010) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Northern areas of the Province.

Pakistan, Minorities and Inter-faith harmony in the region.

 Special Prayer requests;

Please remember Christian community of Parachinar, as they are facing scarcity of food commodities; and the prices are beyond their reach.

Kindly pray for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in D.I. Khan and Bannu.


Bishop Humphrey along with other Priests leading the Ascension Day Service, at St. Augustine's Church, Kohat.


Bishop Humphrey with Sunday School Kids of Thall Church


Welcome to Peshawar Diocese website

Mission Statement: To spread the knowledge of the gospel, to provide pastoral care and also to be an instrument of service to the people of God.

Breaking NEWS

Breaking News, Attack on Churches in Youhanabad, Lahore, Pakistan

Two Suicide bombers blew themselves up in the premises of Christ Church and St. John’s Church Youhanabad, Lahore.
The bombers were said to be between 16- 17 years old who tried to enter the churches but were stopped by two Christian volunteers. One suicide bomber was handed over to the Police but he blew himself up in the premises. The other bomber who also had a gun, was stopped forcefully by a volunteer guard, but he also blew himself along with the volunteer, killing 17 people on the spot, whereas more than 70were injured. However, the seriously injured men, women and children are still hanging between life and death at various hospitals in Lahore.
The bomb blasts were so powerful that they shook the whole area, broke window panes and left behind blood, bodies, and
empty shoes all around the churches premises.
This incident was highly condemned by the Christian and Muslim community leaders across the board and the Government was condemned for not providing appropriate security to the vulnerable Christian minorities.
The Sunday attacks on the churches at Lahore were the worst on the Christian community since a devastating September 2013 double suicide bombing at the All Saints’ Church, Peshawar that killed 99 women and children and 143 people of all ages were injured, and the Diocese of Peshawar is still looking after the grieved families and is running all kinds of rehabilitation programmes for the injured.
The Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters and the Diocese of Peshawar have very strongly condemned these attacks. A three day mourning has also been announced to show solidarity with affectees of the Lahore incident.


Attack on All Saints' Church, inside Kohati Gate, Peshawar City

The Rt Rev Humphrey S. Peters, Peshawar has condemned the suicide attack on All Saint's Church and expressed his condolences to all the families who have lost their loved ones. He said that attack on All Saint's Church is the total failure of the new Government of KPK and government has failed to provide security to the minorities in Khayber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar Pakistan. He appealed to the all Chirsitan Community in Pakistan and around the world to pray for the affected families.  

All Saints' Church, Inside Kohati Gate, Peshawar, Pakistan became a target of terrorism today. As the Sunday Service ended and the people came out of the Church, two suicide bombers entered the church compound from the main gate and blew themselves up in the midst of the people. According to the media more than 60 people were killed and more than 135 are injured. The number of dead is expected to rise. Media channels are reporting that the hospitals are overwhelmed with the numbers of the injured. As I spoke to one of a perish member in All Saints' Church, he said he has lost his aunty and nephew in this attack. According to those we have spoken to, among the dead were a number of Sunday School children and Choir members of the Church who were all in the Church compund at the moment of the blasts..



A very sad news, Church burned in Mardan

Friday, 21 September 2012: The Protest against the Blasphemous film in Pakistan turned into violence, The protestors marched the Mall Road and burnt the St. Paul’s Church and broke furniture and all other things inside the Church, including the holy books.

The St. Paul’s Church, Christian Library and St. Paul's School belong to the Diocese Diocese of Peshawar - Church of Pakistan are situated in the heart of the Mardan Cantonment. The extremists/violet protestors entered into the Church and burnt not only the Church but also the school, the library, the vicarage and two other houses inside the premises. The residents inside the premises ran for their lives using the back gate of the compound. Please pray for the families who are suffereing from this brutal attack.

For further quries please contact

Bishop Humphrey S. Peters, Bishop of Peshawar & Deputy Moderator, Church of Pakistan or call +92915279094



Forced Conversion

May 15, 2012: The Ministry for National Harmony, Government of Pakistan  organized a seminar  at Islamabad Hotal, Islamabad. The  topic was, “Forced Conversion in Pakistan”. The Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters was also invited as one of the eight main speakers at the seminar. ...


Bishop Humphrey Peters with the Provincial Ameer (Head), Jamat-e-Islami, Senator Prof. Muhmammad Ibraheem Khan at his office.

The Christian community religious leaders, Bishop Humphrey S.Peter, Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Bishop Samuel Robert Azarih met President Asif Ali Zardari to discuss minorities issues & Interfaith harmony on May 3, 2013.


The Rt. Revd. Humphrey S. Peters and His Excelency Ameer Haider Hoti, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) inaugurating the reconstruction of St. Paul's Sarhadi Church, Mardan.

Map of the Diocese of Peshawar

Worship at 9000 feet, Thandnyani, Abbotabad

Sunday School prize distribution in Thall Christian Community









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