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Youth Ministry

In 1995, Diocese of Peshawar established a Youth ministry desk for the Spiritual and Social development of the Christian youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Northern Areas of the province. The Youth Ministry works under the supervision of Mission and Ministry Board of the Diocese. This ministry is developing awareness among the young people and serving very effectively for the uplift of our youth.

Initially, Rev. Attique Smith was appointed as the Youth Chaplain in the Peshawar Diocese, but since January 1, 1999, Mr. Insar Gohar has taken over the responsibility, as the Youth Officer.

The youth groups are formed in all the parishes of the Diocese and the youth officer regularly visits the group and plans and organizes programs and activities for the youth of our diocese.

Services Offered:

  • Bible Study Programs for Spiritual Growth and Faith Awareness of the youth.
  • Career Counselling & Educational Guidance Program.
  • Leadership development through Summer Camps, Leadership Trainings, Seminars, Conferences on Biblical and Social topics.
  • Sports and Recreational activities to provide healthy environment and to promote the hidden talents.
  • Awareness Programs on HIV/AIDS and Drugs and pre-marriage counseling etc.
  • Support Program for education, like free Tuition & Coaching classes and small scholarships program for needy students.

Diocesan Youth Council:            

In 2004, we formed our first Diocesan Youth Council, so that the youth can address their issues and work for their solution with their own active participation in planning and decision making through their own council.

There are about 23 parishes in our Diocese, the youth representatives come to the Youth Council from each of the parish. The youth council works in 4 areas through 4 different committees, which are Faith Awareness, Education, Sports and Community Development.

The Office Bearers of the Youth Council are:

President:                   Mr. Bakht Buland H Peters
Vice President:            Mr. Farukh
General Secretary:      Mr. Samroon John
Treasurer:                   Miss. Sumbal Javed

Youth Representation: Through the Youth Council, one youth representative goes to the main Executive Committee of the Diocese and 4 representatives go to the main Diocesan Council. There is one youth representative in each of the Parish Council of our diocese. In this way, we involved our youth in the decision making process at all levels, in our diocese.

New Ministries:       Inter-faith Activities

The Youth Department has formed a Forum for Inter-faith dialogues and activities, with the Muslim youth, called “Youth Faith Friends”. This forum is working for bringing Peace and Religious Harmony among the various faiths residing in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Northern areas of the Province.

Our Visions:
We want to see our youth Spiritually Grown, having strong Faith in Lord Jesus Christ and good witness of Jesus Christ in this Islamic country.
2) We want to see our youth well educated and good citizens of our society.

Some of our main future Plans/Projects

  • We want build a “Youth Resource & Recreational Centre” with a Library, Gym, a place for Bible study, counseling and discussion, a place for some indoor games, a place for Information Technology (IT) and Employment Cell.
  • We are organizing an Inter-Faith Seminar from our platform “Youth Faith Friends”. Followed by some dialogues at grass root levels, in schools, and colleges where Christians and Muslims are living together.
  • Awareness Programs on HIV/AIDS and Vaccination Programme for Hepatitis.
  • Free Tuition & Coaching classes for needy students in our parishes during the Summer Vacations.
  • Youth Summer Camp & Leadership Training Program, two main activities of 2010.

We need your prayer, moral and financial support for the development of our youth. The Diocese of Peshawar Church of Pakistan is grateful to all its friends and partners for their support and cooperation.

For more information please contact:

The Rev. Amir Yousaf
Youth Officer, Youth Ministry,
Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan
1-Sir Syed Road, Peshawar Cantt, KPK, Pakistan, 25000
Tel: +92-91-5276519, 5279686         Fax: +92-91-5277499
Mobile No: +92-3005736389

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