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Earthquake Pakistan 2005

For the 3rd Phase:  Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
The Diocese intends to have a permanent presence in the earthquake affected area. Therefore, any contributions for the 3rd Phase (i.e.
Reconstruction and Rehabilitation) would be appreciated, especially to develop the Pateka village. Most of the contributions will be just one time support, however some projects (e.g. health, education, help towards the disabled, and capacity building) etc. will require on-going assistance.

Financial Assistance required for the 3rd Phase: US$2,700,000
The Diocesan Development and Relief  Office also has the capacity to undertake the reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in the areas in addition to Pateka. It is envisaged that the Church family at large, in partnership with the Church in Pakistan, will promote the local Church efforts to serve the whole people of God affected by the earthquake.


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