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Organizational Structure of Peshawar Diocese
For the governance and administrative purposes, the Diocese, i.e. the whole of the KPK Province, including FATA & Northern areas up to Kabul, Afghanistan, is divided into Six (6) Sectors under a Sector Secretary, and for Pastoral care it is divided into three (3) Deaneries these are the Northern, the Central, and the Southern. Each Deanery has a separate Dean.


  • The Diocesan Council + The Bishop of Peshawar President
  • The Diocesan Executive Committee
  • Vice President (Clergy)
  • Vice President (Lay Women)
  • Vice President (Lay Men)
  • Diocesan Secretary
  • Diocesan Treasurer
  • Secretary- Mission and Ministry
  • Secretary Education
  • Secretary Health
  • Secretary Finance
  • Secretary Property
  • Secretary Development & Relief
  • Heads of Programmes, Projects and Instituitions
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Peshawar Diocese - Church of Pakistan